Privacy Policy

Personal data administrator basic information

the property of Creativity EOOD (hereinafter "Company" or "us"), UIC 201424559, with headquarters and address of Management in Varna, 30 Podvis Street (hereinafter referred to as the Company) The company is established in the Republic Bulgaria and you can contact us as follows: Address: Varna, 30 Podvis Str Email:

Types of personal data.

2.1. To order through our e-mail store you need to do sign up and provide us with the following data:
- Name and surname; - E-mail; - Address,
- Other contact details.

2.2. To use some of the options on our sites (comment, directly posting on social networks) you can sign up. Registration is complete voluntary.

2.3. We also maintain the necessary personal data of our clients for the purpose of execution of the contracts concluded with them, as well as for the purposes of implementing the our obligations under the accounting.

2.4. Our employees' data is stored as required by the law for the purposes of the labor, social security and tax law.

3. What do we use personal data for?

3.1 We use your data to manage the data from you orders in the e-shop Manager. Data is stored for the duration of your account activity.

3.2 Orders you made in the online store are stored within 5 years of execution of the order as required by Accounting Act even at delete your account (or information about specific orders).

3.3 If you selected this option, your data will be used, to receive our newsletter or other useful information about the offerings of us goods.

3.4 If you signed up for our site to be able to to comment on articles or to post directly on social networks, data You are only used for these objectives.

3.5 If you are our client to another your data will be used for the exact execution of the contract, in incl. delivering to you, as well as accurate and correct accounting and tax reporting of these activities.

4. What are your privacy rights?

4.1. You have access to personal Get your data at any time by signing in in your account where they are described (right to access data). By of personal data that are related to the execution of concluded contracts contracts, your participation in competitions outside profiles on our sites information you can get by contacting us.

4.2. You have the right to correct and You change your account data by any one time to keep it up-to-date type (right to correct). By relation to other personal data outside profiles - you can do this Your right by contacting us.

4.3. You have the right to request your data be deleted (right to be forgotten) - deleting the account yours. If you can not do it through our site - you can contact us, to do this on your behalf. For data outside profiles you can realize this is your right by contacting us.

4.4 You have to withdraw your consent to processing your personal data by deleting the account or remove information that does not want to be processed in it. If you can not do it yourself you have the right to contact us for to do this on your behalf. You have right to withdraw your consent, which did you give it differently than creating a profile on our sites, by contacting us.

4.5 Deleting profile or deleting another type information from him, as well as the withdrawal of consent by connecting with us, no affects the processing of personal data until the account is deleted or part of the information in it (withdrawal of consent). Already orders before withdrawing of consent, are stored within of the term under item 3.2. above in implementation of our legal obligations under the Act for Accounting, the Tax Act on value added and others.

You have to be restricted the processing of your personal data, if:

You dispute the accuracy of personal data - for the term we have we need to check the accuracy of your data;

Processing is but you do not want your own data to be deleted, and you prefer restrict their processing;

You have argued about processing your personal information and getting it awaits a decision whether the legal grounds the administrator has the advantage to the interests of the data subject.

You have to object to processing your personal data. In this case processing your personal information is terminates, unless it is available legal basis for processing the data that has priority over the interests of the data subject, or unless data is required continue to be processed for purposes the protection or the realization of legal claims.

You have the right at all times by managing your account to opt out of receiving our bulletin or other information about the goods we offer. If not you can do this through the account you can turn to us.

5. Is Auto Profiling Performing?

When processing your personal data is not profiling, which has legal consequences for you or otherwise affect you at significant extent.

6. Whom can be provided your personal data?

6.1. Your personal data can be provided to our partners for the purpose delivery of ordered items goods for the purpose of carrying out the accounting servicing your queries, realization legal claims and / or receipt other services or consultations.

6.2. Your personal details are not provided to be delivered outside the territory of the European Union.

7. Social Networking.

7.1. When signing up for our site using the sign-up option through your social networking accounts, then we will receive information about yours profiles on these networks. We do not carry responsibility for the available information in these networks, and you should get acquainted with the rules and order of these social ones data correction networks and the realization of your other rights in connection with personal data.

7.2. The information we received from your social networking account is being processed for purposes and as outlined herein.

8. Site Cookies.

8.1. Cookies are not used for individualisation of users. You can adjust the use of cookies through your own settings browser.

9. Privacy Commission.

9.1. Commission for Personal Protection data is the supervisor responsible for monitoring the application of the rules for the protection of personal data.

9.2. You have a right to appeal to the Data Protection Commission if you think your rights are a violation.

More information you can on the Commission's website: